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 Wonder boy 1-6 for Shami

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Wonder boy 1-6 for Shami Empty
PostSubject: Wonder boy 1-6 for Shami   Wonder boy 1-6 for Shami I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 02, 2011 1:31 pm

Here te order ;P

1 Wonder Boy
2 Wonder Boy in Monster Land
3 Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair
4 Wonder Boy III: Dragon's Trap
5 Wonder Boy in Monster World
6 Monster World IV

Wonderboy C64 SMS GG ZX etc.

Wonderboy in Monsterland SMS Arcarde C64 Atari-ST ZX Amiga Turbo Graf

Wonderboy 3 Dragonstrap SMS PC-Engine/TurboGrafFX(best Game ever)

Chara looks different on PC-Engine

Wonderboy 3 MD/Genesis

Wonderboy in Monsterworld MD/Genesis SMS(light version still great)

Wonderboy 4(aka 6) MD (awasomepart)
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Wonder boy 1-6 for Shami
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