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 waterfall's application

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PostSubject: waterfall's application    waterfall's application  I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2011 12:26 am

Character Name : Waterfall

Jobs/Support Jobs : 90 whm rdm blm nin bst smn blu, subs = all the useful ones

Dynamis-Xarcabard Access : Yes

Sky Access : Yes

Sea Access : Yes

Salvage Access: Yes

Abyssea Access: Yes

Crafting Skills : 100 fishing, 80 WW, 60 alchemy

Endgame Experience : done everything prior to abyssea, and ive killed almost all of the important/"used" abyssea NMs

Equipment : all of the old cool gear eg zenith, hecatomb with the new af3 +1s and +2s

Merits : thanks to abyssea they're capped on nearly all of my jobs

Previous Server/Servers : seraph

Last Linkshell(s) / Reason why you left : my ls just died out when ffxi was dying out before server merge, i think it was toki i was in.

Why do you want to join S.T.A.R.S? : Ochiudo is my brother and he applied, theres only so much you can do in abyssea by yourself before it gets boring, so i guess doing big style events like the old days would be fun, i miss sky and sea Sad it's so under-used atm.
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waterfall's application
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