S.T.A.R.S Endgame LS of Bismarck
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PostSubject: Proto-Omega   Thu Nov 19, 2009 11:24 pm

November 19th, 2009

Korake obtains a piece of Omega's tail. (Oh la la)

Splashynaomie obtains a piece of Omega's eye.

January, 2010
Ziva obtains.

Splashynaomie obatains.

Barsha obatains.

March 11th 2010.
Korake obtains.

ziva obtains.

March 18th 2010.
Reitzil obtains.

March 25th 2010.
Korake and Splashynaomie obtain.

April 1st 2010.
Faceless and Jiraya obtain.

Ziva obtains.

April 15th 2010.
Reitzell obtains.

Speedy obtains.

May 6th 2010.
Faceless obtains.

Saxonn obtains.

June 17th 2010.
Faceless obtains.

Reitzell obtains.

Korake obtains.

August 12th 2010.
Splashynaomie obtains.

Reitzel obtains.

August 22nd 2010.
Ziva obtains.

Barsha obtains.

Faceless obtains.
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