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 Monopoly City Streets

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PostSubject: Monopoly City Streets   Monopoly City Streets I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 27, 2009 5:04 pm


It's a bit like monopoly, except you buy real streets based on GoogleMaps and OpenStreetView. So yes, your street probably is in the game as well Smile

Couple of tips:
* You earn rent once a day, at midnight GMT. (1 Million + rent value of all your streets)
* Rent is 10% of street base value + rent value of buildings you put on it.
* Only buy streets costing at least 1 million. (Rent is reduced below 1M, a 200k street gets 20% of max rent, a 1M+ street gets 100%)
* Above 5 streets, you pay 3% tax on your rent per extra street. The optimum number is 19 streets, but only if all streets costs the same.
* Avoid double-lane roads. Each building has a footprint, and if the footprint overlaps the other lane you lose building spots, making a 2M road a glorified 1M road.
* Random chances for free money (100k-500k), massive fines (depending on size, this can run in the billions.. and you can get several on a bad day), bulldozers, bonus buildings and polluters.
** Bulldozer. Demolishes a building of choice, be it a polluter on your streets, or a building on an opponent's street. Can't remove polluters on other people's streets.
** Polluters axe the rent value of a street to 0, but can not be placed on a street with a bonus building. (Place on opponent street that has room.)
** Bonus buildings protect streets from polluters and bulldozers. One building is enough to counter the effects of already existing polluters, but bonus buildings themselves are not immune to bulldozers. (Often, the tactic is to bulldoze all bonus buildings on an opponent's street, then use the empty space to build polluters.
** Chance Cards cannot be stored. The last one can be put aside, but as soon as new one is randomly given to you, you lose the old one.

Finding good streets is difficult, but I managed to find a 50M street in the Phillipines... there's even supposed to be one at least 300M in Alaska Smile

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Monopoly City Streets
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