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 Salvage group (Rules and Questions) (Updated)

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Salvage group (Rules and Questions) (Updated) Empty
PostSubject: Salvage group (Rules and Questions) (Updated)   Salvage group (Rules and Questions) (Updated) I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 23, 2009 9:27 am

-:List of possible members & ranks:-
Kristal FL
Speedygonzales S
Barsha PFC
Ziva PFC
Nivzmizet FL

-:Preferable jobs to add for a solid setup:-
Any job may still apply, I will do my best to find a spot for you.



Before a run starts, you can put one Lv 35 piece, and one Lv 25 piece in your /seacom. The requirements are that, you must have a job at 75 for the pieces you put in.
Ex.: If you have BLM and WAR 75, you can lot Morrigan and Ares only, nothing else until you level up more jobs for other sets.

In addition to putting 2 wishes in seacom, you MUST list if you have the counterparts for the pieces you wish to lot.
Here's what a seacom could look like:

Ares body 35 (Has 15, No 25) |This means I have the Lv 15 piece of Ares body, but not the Lv 25 piece.
Usukane hands 25 (Has 15, 35) |Means I have both the Lv 15 and 35 piece of Usukane hands.

This way, everyone will know who are close to completing a full set. Remember, Lv 15 pieces are very easy to get. Some are random drop, other require planning, but gives a 100% chance of getting them.

The reason for this, is so that we can help eachother as a team to become stronger.
Generally, if two people wanted Ares body 35, Guy1 has the Lv 15 piece but no 25, Guy2 has the Lv 25 piece but no 15; Guy1 would pass the first Ares body 35 that drops so that Guy2 can get it, or Guy1 could write another wish for 35 piece.
That way, if Guy2 gets the Ares body 35, we could go on a run to get his Lv 15 piece the next time and he would complete to fully upgraded Ares Cuirass. Guy2 becomes stronger, which makes the team grow stronger within a few days.

Remember that you don't have to follow this idea, you are fully able to lot any piece you have a job for, no matter what counterpart equipment you have. Just keep in mind, it would be a nice gesture to pass for someone who is near completition.

All Alexandrite will be lotted by leader (me) and split evenly at the end.
The only people who are not getting Alexandrites after the run are those who have gotten a Lv 25 or 35 piece in the run. Rot pieces does not apply.

-:Temp. Chest items:-
Sometimes a monster or NM will drop a chest filled with various drinks, many the ones you can get in Besieged.
All Ethers, Mana powders and Elixir types are only for the mages, healers get priority. If mages already have enough items, then others that need the MP restorations or Elixirs can take them, usually tanks will want some Elixirs if avalible.
Tanks or high damage melees will also have priority on Fanatic's drink (Invincible effect), used for killing NMs or Bosses.
Please read and learn what all the drinks do, so you won't take a Regain drink for your RDM or something similarly useless for your job.
It's listed under Armoury crates

-:Items to bring:-
Everyone who enters Salvage needs the following items:
5+ Silent oils
5+ Prism powders
Food for their job
1 Instant Reraise scroll
1 Type of Reraise equipment (Hairpin, gorget, earring) or drink.

I will not bother to check if you have all this with you, but please bring these supplies with you. Ninjutsus Tonko and Monomi does not replace Silent and Prisms, because you will not always have Ninjutsu unlocked.

-:Salvage Strategy:-
I have pretty much every route in Salvage memorized, fastest ways to get to NMs, how to fight them and the end bosses. I just need a team who can follow orders, focus and are willing to learn. The few first times through when we go to a new area or fight a new NM, I don't expect anyone to know what to do, so I will explain the situation on the spot.
Later on when you are all veterans, I hope we will just breeze through the areas with little complications.

While I'm good at Salvage, I'm not perfect. Feel free to suggest other strategies to me that would speed up the run or make it easier.

-:Cell Lotting:-
For those new to Salvage: When we enter a Salvage area, every single person will have all their equipment blocked, abilities locked, magic sealed and status reduced. To get back your powers, you need to use Cell items.
Each cell unlocks a different thing. Some equipment cells unlock multiple parts of your equipment slots.
You don't need to go read up on what they all do if you don't want to, because I will be calling out who lots which cell during the run.

You'll have to lot the ones you are told to lot, pass the ones that are called for others. And do it quickly, every second they are still in treasure pool is an extra second we are weaker than we could be.
For a 100 minute event, time management is a big deal.

-:Salvage areas:-
There are 4 different Salvage areas we can enter, each having their own speciality and monster selection.
Arrapago Remnants
Bhaflau Remnants
Silver Sea Remnants
Zhayolm Remnants

I will try to be alternating all 4 areas. Only restriction will be what jobs we have with us and how many people. For example, doing Arrapago without a TH3+ Thief is a waste of time, because the cell droprate is so bad. We won't be able to do alot if we're not unlocked enough.

If you have further questions, suggestions, complaints or if you need Salvage access still, please reply in this topic.
I hope we can all have fun and get alot of Salvage equipment done.
See you in Alzadaal ruins!

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Salvage group (Rules and Questions) (Updated)
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